Karlsruhe, Germany
Julia and Manuel, possibly in 1998

Greensboro, NC
The Olga Summit, September, 1999

Paris, France
Manuel and Sergey, December, 2000


I saw Julia in Karlsruhe sometime, I believe it was 1998. Well, it was such a lucky coincidence that Julia would be in Southern Germany, that I told myself I could not miss out on this chance to meet her.

In 1999, I spend a wonderful summer in the US. During that time, Olga was studying at Greensboro College, and somehow, I managed to get a hold of her...

I'm not sure where this was... Paris, maybe? I do remember that it was freezing, though. Anyway, Sergey was on a trip to Western Europe and luckily, he included Paris in his itinerary. Clearly, I would not miss out on such a chance to see him...