People and places
This is a budding collection of photos from our exchange experience and various reunions. Upload your photos now. Some YFU memories.

Gallery2 is very easy to use: Just log in, create a new album, upload your images and you’re done. Forget about thumbnail images; it’s all automated. Here’s what you have to do:

Visit the gallery

Log on to Gallery2 and select “Add album”

- Select an appropriate folder name.
- Select an album title: e.g. London 2004.
- Type in a few words to summarize your images.
- Add a longer summary in the “description” window.
- Don’t mess with the other settings!
Leave the next page alone. Select “Add item” from the left side menu.
Select the image source and add captions.
Done! You can go back and add more images to the album, revise the captions, or make another album.


More recent additions

Bern, August, 2005
London, May, 2004
New York, May, 2004
Switzerland, January, 2004
Denmark, August, 2003
Various encounters, 2003
London, October, 2002
USA, March, 2002
Paris, July, 2001
London/Oxford, June, 2001
Denmark, April, 2001
Switzerland, September, 2000
Copenhagen, August, 1998
Various encounters