DENMARK: AUGUST 21-25, 2003


In August of 2003, Mark felt like doing some hardcore driving; he came up North for a few days. Denmark is a small country and we managed to cover much of it. What probably impressed Marco the most was "Jomfru Ane Gade", the famous party street in Aalborg. We visited more than once. Local beer was sampled. And the Danish weather ruled for a change.

5.0 and the 'Lude at the Farm (800*600)

We did a whole lot of this (800*600)

Marco in Aars, Denmark (800*600)

Aalborg Tower (600*800)

Skagen Lighthouse (800*600)

The 'Lude from a different angle (800*600)

The Sandy Church, Skagen (600*800)

The Sandy Church, Skagen (600*800)

Skagen: The northern tip of DK (800*600)

Skagen Lighthouse (600*800)

Western Jutland (800*600)

Historic Viborg (800*600)

West Coast (800*600)

On "Sky Mountain", 149 meters (600*800)

West Coast (800*600)

Mark's getting nasty (800*600)

Honda pilot (800*600)

An old lighthouse (800*600)

Niels is seriously lounging

The dudes (800*600)


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Marco pops the hood
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Filming the sky
Hi-res --- Lo-res
Where's Marco?
Hi-res --- Lo-res

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