The Elon University Summit (NC)
Featuring Olga, Julia and Manuel

Pisco Sour time in New Orleans
Manuel and Julia
The Long Street Summit
June 2003, Bern, Switzerland
The Man, 5.0 and Dave-O


First of all, it's no longer Elon College, now it's Elon University. But yeah, this is Olga's place. This was May 2003, Olga, Julia, and yours truly were all hanging out back where it all began, Alamance County, NC. Olga has moved there, and there rest of us were there on break. Olga threw a wonderful barbeque at her Elon residence, and it was a lot of fun!

Before that, Julia had come down to see me in New Orleans. We then drove to NC from there, and had a lot of rather intricate conversations about rather intricate things. The picture is taken in my New Orleans residence, I had just mixed us some of my legendary Pisco Sours!

A classic: Long Street Summits feat. Marco, Dave, and myself. Necessary ingredients: Marco's car with CD Player, some kind of West Coast gangster rap CD from the mid 90ies, nachos, and Dip. "Ridin thru da hood. --What hood? --Compton, Long Beach, Inglewoooood"