Little Known Facts:

  • We stopped both in Fallon, NV and Colby, KS. Fallon Colby was one of the main characters in the endless TV-series "Dynasty", which, by the way, took place in Denver, CO.
  • Roswell, NM is the hometown of several stars including Demi Moore and the late John Denver.
  • Despite the poor story "Twister" became quite a hit. It grossed $242m in USA alone.
  • In 1996 Michael Jordan was voted MVP for the fourth time. He went on to claim two more MVPs before retiring after the 1997/98 season.
  • The plane we saw over Kansas on June 4, an F-117A Nighthawk, belonged to the 49th Fighter Wing stationed at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. Only 59 planes of this type have been produced.
  • Entry to the showing of "Mission: Impossible" in Century Cinema, Palo Alto cost $7.50.
  • Niels's parents thought their son had developed a gambling addiction when they noticed that $261 had been withdrawn in Las Vegas.
  • Route 66 was officially assigned its name in 1926. It was part of the primary road system to California until 1984 when the last piece of Interstate 40 was completed.
  • Including North Carolina we visited 20 states with a collected population of 132m (1996 estimate) spread out on an area of 1.6m square miles with California being the most populous state (33m), while Nevada managed 1.7m. Texas was the largest state (262,000 sq. mi.) and South Carolina was the smallest (30,000) one. Illinois had the highest population density (213 per sq. mi.). New Mexico only managed 14 per sq. mi.

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