October 8

Denmark Summit

Marco took is car and drove up from Switzerland: Of course pictures had to be taken. That goes without saying. Check 'em!

July 19

Short and Sweet

New summit photos. Cool. Check them out.

May 15

Seven Years and counting

Some old summit photos have finally made it to cyber-space thanks to Manuel. They feature Olga, Julia, Sergey and, of course, The Man himself. See the summit section.

March 11

Back to the Roots

After a few years on a Danish server, CaliBust has moved to where the action is. It's all good, from Diego to the Bay. Yes,  Los Angeles, California is the home of our new hosting service that will allow for continuous expansion for the next years: 500 megabytes of stark-raving madness.

Everything should be functional - touch wood. Even the
ever-busy (!) Forum has been resurrected. 

February 16

Advice for Novices

A new answer page has been added to help potential road trippers with the daunting planning stage of a US road trip. It may not be a fountain of wisdom but it is a decent start. And it is free too. Of course every trip is unique but everybody will face some common issues. Check out the gospel.

February 13

Prez sez: CaliBust Tops the Internet

President Bush took a much needed break from 
the recent diplomatic squabbling over Iraq to show his admiration of the CaliBust website.

CaliBust webmaster Niels Kjaer and the prez. (Photo: Reuters)

January 16

London Summit

Marco's visit in October produced a few photos, which are now displayed here.

September 1


More summit photos were added and some nerdy system maintenance was carried out. That is all for now.

April 5

Summit Bonanza

The first load of New Orleans summit photos, hot off the scanner, has been added. Lots more are pending so another update should be imminent. Check the summit section.

March 10

Attention CaliBust People!

As some of you know you can access your CaliBust e-mail account from any computer in the world. It's like Hotmail, just without all the noise. Why wait? Log in right now. Click here.

December 26

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Manuel scanned some smooth photos, featuring himself and Niels in London/Oxford and himself and Julia in Paris. Apparently he has got a stash of Sergey photos as well. Keep on scannin'.


Six Months of Inactivity

The world is ever-changing and this must be reflected by this site, which has been brought up to date after months of hibernation. The Summit section has been updated. If you have additional photos, please, get them scanned. Finally, a bit of fun: a screensaver has been added to personalize your computer system. It's simple, low brow, and utterly useless. I think you'd like it!  


Five Years!

A lot has happened lately. First of all the Page has moved onto a new server with its very own root domain: california-or-bust.com. Now the time of pop-up ads is history, which is rather nice. You might have noticed that the Lite version of the Page has been shut down. This is a part of a streamlining process, facilitating future updates. It's tough to be a webmaster - no more.
Secondly, a new section about summits is being added - unlike the Trip, an ongoing and evolving process.
Last but not least the Forum has been overhauled. In stead of the cheesy test version a new and fully operational UNIX board is now taking care of business. Wicked!

May 22

One and Four Yr Anniversary: Getting Misty

Once again May 15 has passed us by, giving all of us a reminder that yet another year has gone since our epic journey. It's been 4 years now. It doesn't seem that long ago. It's funny how good things seem to stick in one's mind, upsetting the chronological order. OK, enough feelings for now. This homepage can celebrate its first year online. About 2500 visitors cared to drop by in the pas
t year, which is a fair number. Still the Page is evolving, maturing, if you will. The latest addition is a piece of conversion software developed by Manuel. Maybe more editions will find their way onto this cornucopia of Trip related subjects. Click to download.

January 6

Testing 1-2-3

Thanks to Marco, audio files have been added for the following days: May 17, 20, 22, 23, 25, and 28. The language is openhearted and somewhat crude at times. Don't say that I didn't warn you.

December 21

Virtualave's service is so-so

The TRIP Page has been inaccessible in the time December 17 through 21.

November 8

Hardly Worth Mentioning

The downloadable versions of the Diary have been updated. Still quite a few typos and inaccuracies are surfacing. The madness must stop sometime, hopefully. Anyway, an RTF file has ousted the following formats: HTM, TXT, and DOC. Naturally the ever-popular PDF format is back in a new version. See for yourself.

June 27

Up with Surf-ability & To be Down with Trivia

Fiddling with HTML can be a major drag. It's beyond annoying when the optimal solution is not chosen right away. It means that hours will have to be spent on copying and pasting. This was the case with the menus but, hey, now they are better than before the overhaul. Anyway, the Forum has been made more accessible, which hopefully will inspire people to use it on a wider basis.
The improvement of the user interface of this site is not the only change though. A trivia section has opened, which is dedicated to more or less obscure facts about the TRIP and is expected to grow exponentially in the future (fingers crossed). Click here to check the Trivia.

June 4

Major/Minor Updates on 35+ pages

It had to happen sometime: Somebody would dig out a forgotten cache of photos. Dave McCusker was that somebody. Apparently Marco forgot 15 TRIP-related pictures in NC. Now these photos have been incorporated onto this site. Most of the photos are from June 5 and 6. For thumbnails click here or here. Also, the expense page has been improved in order to give a better impression of our daily monetary squandering.

May 19

Minor changes

A few typos have been eradicated in the diary - they just keep popping up despite every effort...

May 15

The GRAND opening on day of the 3-year anniversary

Welcome, visitor!
Today it is exactly 3 years since the TRIP began. Is there a better way to celebrate this than a walk down memory lane? Hardly. This site is an exhaustive description of every TRIP-related topic we could think of. Hopefully, the page will continue to evolve in the future. Dave, Manuel, and Marco: if you have any additional ideas for this site, be sure to say so!!

Report mistakes, dead links etc.
If you happen to discover mistakes (typos etc.) or possibly dead links (highly unlikely) on any of these pages, please drop me a line: king@california-or-bust.com

For the latest news check also the TRIP Forum.

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