NEWS 2005


November 8: POP mail setup
POP mail trouble? It's been some time since this issue has been addressed. For those of you who are using the CaliBust e-mail service some recent Powweb technical changes may result in error messages. Here are a few pointers

- My server requires authentication is ticked (in Account properties)
- Change your outgoing port to 587
- Incoming and outgoing mail servers are set to ''
- You are using the correct username and password for your email address
- You do NOT have SSL enabled
- You have temporarily disabled your firewall and/or email scanners
- Visit and follow the tutorials to set-up your email (Provided by Powweb)

October 14: Introducing CaliBust video
It is time for one of the not-so-frequent updates. It was 9 (nine) years in the making but now, finally, the CaliBust videos have made their appearance.

More than an hour of footage is available here. Only some of the clips are in color, which is caused by an unfortunate hardware issue during the initial encoding process. My inherent laziness kept me from re-encoding a second time but the final result is not that bad, really. Actually, the black and white clips add a "film noir" flavor to the whole thing. It may not be The Maltese Falcon but hey...

A few minor updates have been made here and there. Some users may experience problems with the popup script that should be displaying photos in greater detail. This is a known problem and a remedy is under development.

End of transmission.

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