NEWS 2004


June 5: First Major Overhaul of the 3rd Millennium
OK, so the pages have been freshened up but so what? Well, the new layout is much easier to maintain. Frankly, the old site was something of a nightmare, using too much code and graphic. The old site had snowballed into almost 400 individual pages of HTML. Now this number has been reduced to only a third but the load of information has actually grown.

Most innovative feature of this new site is FastPage, a contents editor tool that allows CaliBust members to interact without messing around with code. Check the introduction to FastPage now.

Moreover, this website aims to deliver photos in the highest resolution possible. Therefore 800*600 pixels has become the standard for most jgp's. Special files, containing 3 mega-pixel photos from recent summits are also new features - there will be more in the future.

What's that? You can't find the discussion forum? The forum is no more. No one used it, so it died. That's all for now.

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