NEWS 2003


October 8

Denmark Summit

Marco took is car and drove up from Switzerland: Of course pictures had to be taken. That goes without saying.


July 19

Short and Sweet

New summit photos. Cool. Check them out.


May 15

Seven Years and counting

Some old summit photos have finally made it to cyber-space thanks to Manuel. They feature Olga, Julia, Sergey and, of course, The Man himself. See the summit section.


March 11

Back to the Roots

After a few years on a Danish server, CaliBust has moved to where the action is. It's all good, from Diego to the Bay. Yes,  Los Angeles, California is the home of our new hosting service that will allow for continuous expansion for the next years: 500 megabytes of stark-raving madness.

Everything should be functional - touch wood. Even the ever-busy (!) Forum has been resurrected.


February 16

Advice for Novices

A new answer page has been added to help potential road trippers with the daunting planning stage of a US road trip. It may not be a fountain of wisdom but it is a decent start. And it is free too. Of course every trip is unique but everybody will face some common issues. Check out the gospel.


February 13

Prez sez: CaliBust Tops the Internet

President Bush took a much needed break from the recent diplomatic squabbling over Iraq to show his admiration of the CaliBust website.

CaliBust webmaster Niels Kjaer and the prez. (Photo: Reuters)


January 16

London Summit

Marco's visit in October produced a few photos, which are now displayed here.

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