NEWS 2001


December 26
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Manuel scanned some smooth photos, featuring himself and Niels in London/Oxford and himself and Julia in Paris. Apparently he has got a stash of Sergey photos as well. Keep on scannin'.


Six Months of Inactivity

The world is ever-changing and this must be reflected by this site, which has been brought up to date after months of hibernation. The Summit section has been updated. If you have additional photos, please, get them scanned. Finally, a bit of fun: a screensaver has been added to personalize your computer system. It's simple, low brow, and utterly useless. I think you'd like it!


Five Years!  

A lot has happened lately. First of all the Page has moved onto a new server with its very own root domain: Now the time of pop-up ads is history, which is rather nice. You might have noticed that the Lite version of the Page has been shut down. This is a part of a streamlining process, facilitating future updates. It's tough to be a webmaster - no more.

Secondly, a new section about summits is being added - unlike the Trip, an ongoing and evolving process.

Last but not least the Forum has been overhauled. In stead of the cheesy test version a new and fully operational UNIX board is now taking care of business. Wicked!



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