NEWS 1999


December 21

Virtualave's service is so-so

The TRIP Page has been inaccessible in the time December 17 through 21.


November 8

Hardly Worth Mentioning

The downloadable versions of the Diary have been updated. Still quite a few typos and inaccuracies are surfacing. The madness must stop sometime, hopefully. Anyway, an RTF file has ousted the following formats: HTM, TXT, and DOC. Naturally the ever-popular PDF format is back in a new version.


June 27

Up with Surf-ability & To be Down with Trivia

Fiddling with HTML can be a major drag. It's beyond annoying when the optimal solution is not chosen right away. It means that hours will have to be spent on copying and pasting. This was the case with the menus but, hey, now they are better than before the overhaul. Anyway, the Forum has been made more accessible, which hopefully will inspire people to use it on a wider basis.

The improvement of the user interface of this site is not the only change though. A trivia section has opened, which is dedicated to more or less obscure facts about the TRIP and is expected to grow exponentially in the future (fingers crossed).


June 4

Major/Minor Updates on 35+ pages

It had to happen sometime: Somebody would dig out a forgotten cache of photos. Dave McCusker was that somebody. Apparently Marco forgot 15 TRIP-related pictures in NC. Now these photos have been incorporated onto this site. Most of the photos are from June 5 and 6. For thumbnails click here or here. Also, the expense page has been improved in order to give a better impression of our daily monetary squandering.


May 19

Minor changes

A few typos have been eradicated in the diary - they just keep popping up despite every effort...


May 15

The GRAND opening on day of the 3-year anniversary

Welcome, visitor!
Today it is exactly 3 years since the TRIP began. Is there a better way to celebrate this than a walk down memory lane? Hardly. This site is an exhaustive description of every TRIP-related topic we could think of. Hopefully, the page will continue to evolve in the future. Dave, Manuel, and Marco: if you have any additional ideas for this site, be sure to say so!!

Report mistakes, dead links etc.
If you happen to discover mistakes (typos etc.) or possibly dead links (highly unlikely) on any of these pages, please drop me a line.


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