It was bought in Greensboro, NC from a private person named Sean. He was a student too and enjoyed driving a fast car. But for some reason he bought a new 4-cyl car. Anyway, the Mustang was purchased for $3900, with a big 400-watt stereo. It had a bad battery, which was replaced shortly after. A 302 Ford V8 breathed under the hood. After the first test-drive Marco was convinced: What an enormous power plant! From this point on he said "she" when referring to the Mustang.

The car had two Flowmaster mufflers, power-pulleys, and the intake-silencer was removed. The output peaked around 240hp. The massive torque was handled by a 5-spd manual transmission, which had to be replaced several months later. Second gear, the fun-gear, was worn. Imagine driving in second at about 35mph, floor the accelerator and the rear would break loose, especially on wet surfaces or in curves. In first you could do doughnuts forever. Say hello to the rear tires...

The Mustang was the flagship during the trip to Californ-I-A. As mentioned, the transmission gave up and was replaced by a newer one. But apart from that it was a good car, comfortable too with cruise control and A/C. By the end of the trip one of the tailpipes had broken off by accident and the new transmission was acting up again: there was an oil-leak. This time professional Ford mechanics put in a Ford Motor Sport T5 for heavy-duty use.

One of Mark's good friends and his wife used the Stang for their honeymoon! They took it across the country once more. Some things broke: clutch, muffler, and suspension.

In the summer of 1997 Marco and two buddies used the car for vacation purposes one last time. They toured the East Coast. There were no problems at all. A fuse was the only thing that was replaced. In the fall of '97 the Mustang was finally sold.

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