FastPage is an online editor that allows users to edit web pages without knowledge of website development.

Here is a short introduction to the editor: You have been supplied with a username and a password. If you have forgotten either of these, please contact Niels.

Logging in is easy just follow the link from the page you wish to edit.

Log-in (click to enlarge)

Having successfully logged in, you are now able to edit the contents of the web page. Erase/update the old text in any way you see fit. You may include HTML tags if you wish. More help is available within FastPage itself.

When you are done click "Submit changes". You should ensure to backup the page by ticking the option next to the submit button. This means that the old page can be restored if you should regret your changes.

Please note that FastPage times out after 30 minutes. If you think you need more time to write your text, you should do so in another text editor, such as Word and then copy and paste your work into FastPage. It's easy!

Edit your text (click to enlarge)
FastPage log-in
Whenever you see this logo, you may log into FastPage and edit the contents on that webpage, i.e. if your username is associated with that particular page.