Manuel's expenses.

Marco's expenses. The gearbox repair is not included in this graph.

Niels' expenses.

Info for Dave is not available.

Typical daily expenses - estimates
(1996 prices)
Gas (2 cars)*
Food (4 people)


* (2*8,000 miles @24 MPG @$1.15/gal)/23 days

In this simple calculation the fixed price of gas is set quite high. Gas was most expensive in California and the bordering states where we paid between 1.10 and 1.20 per gallon. The price was considerably lower in the eastern part of the country.

The price of lodging varied a lot. The motel Las Vegas was one of the cheapest places we encountered. The room cost less than 30 bucks - and that even included breakfast! Some of the pricier places were located in the middle of nowhere.

The amount spent on food fluctuated from day to day. Some days we ate at restaurants, other days we lived solely on fast food.



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