The 23 days on the road were minutely documented through photography. Unfortunately we lost several films due to the extreme temperatures in our vehicles. An attempt to store unprocessed film in the beverage cooler failed and unique imagery was lost. Despite this tragic set of events we were still able to salvage the majority, a few hundred snapshots in total. Approximately 100 of these are available on this website in varying sizes, ranging up to 800*600 pixels.



May 15: Leaving NC
May 16: Tupelo, MS
May 17: Henryetta, OH
May 18: Roswell, NM
May 19: Flagstaff, AZ
May 20: Las Vegas, NV
May 21: Victorville, CA
May 22: Long Beach, CA
May 23: Los Angeles, CA
May 24: Thousand Oakes, CA
May 25: Malibu, CA
May 27: Lompoc, CA
May 28: Palo Alto, CA
May 29: Palo Alto, CA
May 30: Fallon, NV
May 31: Escalante, UT
June 1: Grand Junction, CO
June 2: Lafayette, CO
June 3: Colby, KS
June 5: Knoxville, TN
June 6: Burlington, NC